Foundations we represent

Laurie Heller Philanthropic Consulting represents funders that are seeking to help strengthen Israel by

iconCreating a meaningful relationship between Israeli non-profits and the funder
iconPromoting systemic changes
iconEnhancing educational initiatives
iconIncreasing economic development opportunities
iconFocusing attention on disadvantaged populations including recent immigrants
iconFocus on pressing issues such as maximizing water usage in an arid land.

LHPC works in a collaborative manner with the grant applicants and recipients enabling an approach that emphasizes a rather special partnership between the agency and the funder. During each stage of the funding process, Letters of Inquiry, development of proposals, preparation of the docket, site visits, budget reviews and programmatic reporting this partnership is developed while keeping the funder’s needs in the forefront of the work.

The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation concentrates its funding on educational and economic development issues through a narrow focus on getting youth into higher educational frameworks through educational initiatives in high school, easing transitional points in their lives and support of the students while in higher education. It also focuses on helping people help themselves become economically self sufficient through support of micro and small business loan programs, small business development programs and assisting in job training programs for disadvantaged or chronically under employed populations.
The Rosenzweig Coopersmith Foundation concentrates its funding on issues such as economic development for disadvantaged communities, enhancing citizenship education and cross cultural understandings.
The Baron de Hirsch Fund provides funding for projects that move recent immigrant populations in Israel to a more secure economic position through educational and vocational programs.