Managing the Grant Making Process

Laurie Heller Philanthropic Consulting provides your complete grant management infrastructure in Israel, including:
Designing and issuing requests for proposals and funding guidelines.
Providing applicant outreach and technical assistance.
Analyzing proposals, conducting due diligence and recommending awards.
We work with the funded projects to ensure that the relationship between the grantee and the grantor is built on trust and respect.
Monitoring funded programs.
Building collaborative programs with like-minded donors.
Evaluation is key to knowing the outcomes of your foundations allocations.
We work with your grantees to help them structure their assessment tools to maximize what can be learnt to improve the program.
Meaningful board/staff site visits.
Networking, a key activity.
Well developed cultural competency.

LHPC is a dedicated partner, investing our expertise to bring
people and organizations together to help Israel develop and prosper.

Let’s work together to make a difference.